Whats the best metal for my wedding ring?

by Matthew Lloyd

For todays blog, here is just one of many questions we are sent each week. We were contacted by a lady through Facebook with a query about what would be the best metal for her husbands wedding ring…


  • Customer: Hi. We are looking for a wedding ring for my partner. He is keen on a D shaped which is polished on the outside and brushed in the middle. He’s hasn’t decided on whether to get platinum, palladium or white gold as unsure which is best to get for him as he is a carpenter. I was just wondering if you sell anything like that. Thanks, Jules


  • Lloyds: Hi, sure we sell all kinds of wedding rings, as standard they are all polished but we could have it brushed on the inside as a special order, you just need to be sure on the ring size and width first as you can’t send them back once they are customised, we could always supply one as standard and have the inside brushed for you once you know you will be happy with it.

For someone who is very handy and plans on wearing their ring all the time I would definitely recommend either Platinum or Palladium. 9k White gold is naturally a light yellow colour and is plated (using Rhodium) to look bright white/silver. This will wear off and so needs re-plating over time. 18k White Gold is a better option but again this also needs plating as it is more of a grey colour naturally (these colours are due to the types of alloys used in gold jewellery).

Platinum will be the most durable metal, it is stronger than Gold and also has the advantage of not losing weight; when platinum is scratched or polished for example the metal does not separate from the ring (it simply pushed across the surface) unlike gold, so you can polish a platinum ring forever and you will always have the same amount of metal, so you won’t loose any value. Palladium has many of the same properties as Platinum (it is in the Platinum family) however is it a lot lighter (60-70%), some people prefer the weighty feel and prestige of Platinum but Palladium is cheaper. Platinum holds up better than other metals on impacts, so it is more difficult to dent, this may be a good choice for a carpenter.

Once you decide on a metal you just need to decide on the width of the ring you would like, 5-6mm is popular for gents wedding bands. They are also available in different depths/gauges:

Light (approx 1.3mm

Medium (approx 1.7mm)

Heavy (approx 2.1mm)

Medium tends to be the most popular. The deeper the ring, the heavier it will be, and therefor more valuable.

Here are some cost examples to help you decide, these are all based on a 5mm wide D-Shape Wedding Band, Medium Weight in Size T. Price based on current metal prices 25/05/14.

9k White Gold: £224

Palladium: £299

18k White Gold: £524

Platinum: £814

Once you settle on the type of ring you would like just let me know and I will look around for the best price. Let me know if you would like a price in any other specification or if you have any further questions

Kind Regards.


  • Customer: That’s great thank you Matthew. I’ll speak to my OH when I get home. If I get a picture of what he wants i presume that’s is easier for you to price? I’m pretty sure of the ring I want so being able to get them both from you would make more sense. With the platinum, would it end up losing the brushed effect over the years & can it be fixed? We have been told by another jeweller that once palladium is scratched there is nothing that can be done to fix it? Can palladium be engraved? Thanks.


  • Lloyds: They do say Palladium is a jewellers nightmare, you need to know how to work Palladium so you may need to take it to certain jewellers, but as far as I know scratches can be removed, there would be no reason that you would lose the brushed effect, and they can be engraved. I’ll have to ask my jeweller more about it on Tuesday.

Platinum and Palladium in fact scratch easier than gold, but platinum metals are stronger against impact, it’s quite strange.

Having thought about it, 18k white gold may be a good choice. Our 18k white uses Palladium as an alloy, so you get the white characteristic of Palladium whilst still being less prone to scratches.

It’s a tough one, but I would mainly advise not to choose 9k white if it will be getting plenty of wear.


  • Lloyds: Hi, I spoke to my jeweller today and he confirmed that there is no disadvantage to Palladium, it can be polished or engraved. It’s just a hard metal so it can take more work compared to Gold. There isn’t really a disadvantage to using Palladium in my opinion. People go for Platinum as it is a prestigious metal, prized by the worlds leading jewellers, everyones heard of it and knows that it’s expensive, so it’s more of a luxury item. It is more expensive by the gram than Palladium, it’s also a more dense metal so you require more of it to make the same ring. Platinum, Palladium or 18k White Gold would be fine for you, it may simply come down to how much you are comfortable spending. Let me know if you would like a quote or if you have any further questions.


  • Customer: Hi Matthew, thank you for all that. I’ll send a picture of what my OH is looking for if you can give us a quote in all 3 metals as he still isn’t 100% sure which he wants.


Written by: Matthew Lloyd

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Diamond Bridal Sets at Lloyds Family Jewellery

by Matthew Lloyd

When choosing an engagement ring, the eventual wedding ring to be placed along side it doesn’t seem to come to mind. All attentions are put into finding the most beautiful ring for your loved one to say ‘I Do’. It is only when it comes time to plan the wedding that you think ‘Hmm, what type of wedding ring should I be looking for?’. It may seem simple at first, but think about it, there are so many types of ring shapes, stone shapes, band shapes, setting types… Oh wait, actually this could turn into a real headache.


One of the biggest problems can come from trying to match a wedding ring with a low set engagement ring. If the setting sits flush with the band, then you will end up with a gap between the two which can look unsightly and in no way a good match. So why not simply purchase a ring with a high setting? Well high settings are not for everyone, they can get in the way and catch on clothing among other things, plus if you fall in love with an engagement ring, most people don’t look at the hight of the setting.


Ring Set MisMatch

Low set engagement ring with plain wedding band

Of course we can have wedding rings custom made, this is a great option for some people but not exactly ideal. You would need to send us your engagement ring and be without it from a few days to a few weeks depending on the type of manufacture required for your wedding ring. There is also more expense to have a ring made from scratch to your own requirements, you will get exactly what you want, but expect to pay an excess.

Custom-Wedding-Ring-SetCustom made wedding ring to match cross-over engagement ring


His & Hers Custom Wedding Ring Set

If you want to save the time of searching the stores and the internet for the perfect wedding ring, or save the expense of custom made rings, then we would suggest looking at bridal ring sets. Two rings designed and crafted with the aim of having them match perfectly and to look beautiful as a set, or individually. As they are designed to be reproduced easily, expense is saved as you are not paying for design and the production of a master mold, simply materials and workmanship.


Bridal sets are designed to fit together perfectly and look beautiful as a set or individually

We have a beautiful collection of bridal sets currently available on the Lloyds Family Jewellery website, here are some of our favourite and most popular designs…


Diamond Bridal Set 0.50ct Set in White Gold


Diamond Bridal Set 0.50ct, 9k White Gold


Diamond Cross Over Bridal 0.86ct in Platinum


Diamond Halo Bridal Ring Set 0.65ct, 18k White Gold


Written by: Matthew Lloyd

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Have a Rosey New Year, Beautiful Rose Gold at Lloyds

by Matthew Lloyd

Rose Gold continued to rise in Popularity over last year and we think you will continue to see more of it during the new year, while you’re here you can also check out our Precious Metal Guide for info on other popular precious metals.


Here we have put together some info to give you an idea of the properties of Rose Gold and how it get’s it’s rich colour so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Rose Gold is simply an alloy of traditional yellow Gold. When Gold is alloyed with copper it gives a red hue, depending on the copper content, the depth of colour can be changed; the higher the copper content, the deeper the red colour, which is why it is often referred to as red or rose for dark to mid hues, or pink gold for lighter red tones. Rose Gold has all the same properties as yellow gold and is ideal for all types of jewellery and watches, you may want to read our info on Traditional Gold at the bottom of this post for a more in depth look in to the properties of Rose Gold.


This beautiful Gold alloy is currently very popular and fashionable, it is also popular to wear rose gold along side white and/or yellow gold to make stylish designs. 18k Rose gold generally consists of 75% Gold to 25% Copper, a small amount of silver may also be added. Rose Gold was first made popular at the beginning of the 19th century in Russia which is why it was once referred to as Russian Gold. Since then, Rose Gold has continued to grow in popularity and has became a fashionable alternative to white and yellow Gold.



Traditional yellow Gold…

Gold is surely the most famous precious metal, used in jewellery and coin making for thousands of years and even before recorded history. Pure gold is the most malleable of any metals which makes it great for jewellery making, that and because is has a beautiful deep lustre and shine. Pure Gold has such high malleability that it is not always practical to be used on it’s own for jewellery making, therefor it is rarely used without being alloyed with other harder metals. The term karat refers to the purity of Gold i.e. how many parts Gold to alloy, 24k is classed as pure Gold. The most popular variations in the UK are 18k and 9k. Gold is usually alloyed with other metals such as Copper, Silver and Palladium to alter the hardness, colour and other properties such as value. The lower the karat, the less valuable the metal depending on weight.

Like Platinum, it is also resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Hundreds of tons of earth must be processed for a tiny fraction of Gold. Strangely, all the gold ever mined is said to have came to earth from asteroids after it’s formation. Naturally occurring gold is close to the earth’s core as it sinks due to its density, this gold is far out of reach. Most people know Gold is expensive, but when you know just how rare and precious Gold is, you will have a whole new appreciation for your jewellery.


Written by: Matthew Lloyd

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Bespoke Jewellery Service, Design Your Dream Ring

by Matthew Lloyd

Lloyds Family Jewellery offer a complete bespoke design service that transforms your jewellery concept into a finished product. We work with you to create your own stunning custom jewellery including rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. It is possible to modify existing designs, create a new model from your own drawings or work with us to create something completely new.


This service includes:


consultation, design advice, computer aided design (CAD drawings) which we email to you for approval, creation of a wax model. Once you are happy with your final design and price quote, your design can be made in to a high quality piece using state of the art rapid prototyping and manufacturing techniques. Your piece is then cast in your choice of precious metal, fully polished, stones set (if required), finished and hallmarked. We can also source stones including Diamonds, coloured Diamonds and all types of precious and semi-precious Gems.

bespoke-custom-rings-lloyds-jewelleryBespoke rings

100% of design and manufacture takes place here in the UK. With the highest levels of workmanship and service together with extremely competitive pricing you can now have the ring you have always wanted. You can order your own bespoke jewellery service on our website here…


Written by: Matthew Lloyd

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Diamond Cufflinks For The Gentleman Who Appreciates The Finer Things

by Matthew Lloyd


Our new diamond cufflink collection has gone down surprisingly well, I say surprising as we underestimated what was currently on the market right now. Searching for diamond cufflinks online you tend to find all kinds of cheaper Diamond lookalike cufflinks which aren’t actually diamond at all, you can also occasionally find expensive cufflinks in the one to two thousand pound range. Our cufflinks sit in between these ranging from £574 to £859, we feel they offer all the luxury without going too mad. Cheap crystal cufflinks can look awfully tacky but then the same can be said for being too blingy with your diamonds too. You need to be careful to be relatively discreet and show class and we feel our cufflinks tick all the boxes.

Diamond Cufflinks 0.05ct 9k white Gold

Quality cufflinks are one of those luxuries that you don’t see people wearing everyday, and when you do see a beautiful pair of cufflinks being work at a party or conference you cant help but think “wow, this guy appreciates the finer things, I wonder what he does for a living” it sounds silly but it’s true.

Diamond & Onyx Cufflinks 0.31ct, 9k White Gold

So what should you look for in a good quality set of cufflinks? Well some things that we thought would be important have all to do with durability. They are worn in one of the worst places to wear an item of jewellery (besides your feet that is) on the sides/underside of your wrists. They rub against everything such as desks when writing and typing so they are prone to damage, they can also be caught and knocked against things putting the metal and diamonds at risk. We decided to use 9k Gold and White Gold as this is actually much more durable than 18k without the expense of going for Platinum, We can however have them made in 18k or Platinum on request as a special order. We have also given most of our cufflinks a brushed finish  so that scratches are less noticeable. Many of our the diamond settings are bezel set, these are more sturdy than small claw settings as the stones are firmly held in place over a larger area of the stone, claw setting can also be prone to being caught on clothing and even breaking off.

Diamond Cufflinks 0.34ct 9k Gold

Check out our beautiful collection on our website which features various shapes in Gold and White gold with Diamonds, some of our new designs feature Black Onyx to match perfectly with dark suites and other formal wear such as tuxedos.

View the new Diamond Cufflink Collection here>>


Written by: Matthew Lloyd

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High Quality, Low Cost, Quality Crystal Jewellery

by Matthew Lloyd

We always thought it would be great so have high quality jewellery that didn’t cost the earth. Somewhere in the middle between cheap jewellery with glued in stones which last a month if you’re lucky and the high quality diamond jewellery with claw settings which are built to last. Even the claw set crystal jewellery found in most department stores will tarnish quickly and even cause irritation in some people.

We finally think we have found the answer with a new range from Perfection ltd. This stunning range features genuine Swarovski crystals set in solid Rhodium plated Silver.

Princess Cut Earrings with Surround, Genuine Swarovski Crystal

Each genuine Swarovski Crystal is laser inscribed with the Swarovski logo to ensure it’s unique quality and origin. This beautiful range is made to the same high standards as all of our natural diamond and gold jewellery, each stone is expertly claw set and the solid silver is Rhodium plated to give a long lasting bright finish which is also hypoallergenic.

Swarovsi branded crystals

Rhodium is generally used for plating white Gold Diamond jewellery to give it a bright finish, it is an extremely expensive metal, more so than Platinum so it is rarely used as the base metal. Rhodium is naturally bright white and does not lose it’s colour, it does not react which means it does not cause skin irritation, it is also hard wearing and ensures your jewellery keeps its finish for years to come.

Pear Cut Bezel Earrings, 1.50ct Diamond Look, Genuine Swarovski Branded Crystal

There are currently 192 pieces in the range consisting of classic styles of Pendant and Earrings with more pieces to come including bracelets. This fantastic range is currently being added to our new eBay store at great prices…

Find it here: Lloyds Family Jewellery eBay Store


Written by: Matthew Lloyd

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But what happens if I don’t receive my jewellery? Online security…

by Matthew Lloyd

This is a question we got asked every now and then, and in some ways it can be a difficult question to definitively answer. So a customer is looking on our website and wants to order a diamond ring, they are however slightly worried, after all what is to stop a website taking your money and simply not sending goods? The internet is an every day part of life these days and people purchase items online without much thought however you may think differently when spending a lot of money.


Of course we could go on about years established, positive reviews, good reputation, members of British jewellers Association, Safer Jeweller Council, PCI-DSS compliant and secure checkouts but we just wanted a way to say YES, if you shop with us you are completely covered.

We are now full members of Trusted shops, when you order with us, Trusted shops guarantee your order to arrive or they themselves with refund your purchase up to £2500. All you need to do is fill in the guarantee form at the end of checkout. See the information below or the link the the informational video for more details on Trusted Shops.

lloydsfamilyjewellery.co.­uk has fulfilled over 40 quality criteria in order to obtain the Trusted Shops Trustmark. These criteria are undergoing continuous development by independent consumer protection and data protection specialists. The observance of these criteria is regularly verified by commercial law specialists and IT experts.

With over 13,000 certified merchants, Trusted Shops has been the leading trustmark for online shops with integrated buyer protection including the Trusted Shops Guarantee, a money-back guarantee – guaranteed by renowned insurance companies – since 1999. The Trusted Shops Seller Ratings enable buyers to assess the quality of a shop in order to make this apparent for other visitors. The Trusted Shops Seller Rating comprises the reliability rating awarded by Trusted Shops and the customer reviews pertaining to the seller over the last 12 months in the following categories: delivery, goods and customer service. More information at: www.trustedshops.co.uk.


See our Trusted Shops certificate and info video…

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 13.04.40

Written by: Matthew Lloyd

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Wedding rings at Lloyds – The Quality Difference

by Matthew Lloyd

So why bother blogging about wedding rings? Surely a wedding ring is just that; a gold ring… so they should all be the same price unless one is bigger than the other, well that brings us onto our first point which we will get to. The truth is there is a massive difference between seemingly identical rings, which also makes a big difference to both quality and value. We want to get across here that not all wedding rings are created equal, and that we only choose the very best while still maintaining incredible value.


Metal weight: There are a range of precious metals used in wedding rings today, we specialise in the most precious; Gold and Platinum. It goes without saying that the heavier the material, the more there is of it and the more you will pay. There are many shapes, widths and sizes of wedding rings, all of which will have a different weight. This is one thing you need to look at when purchasing your wedding ring; company A are selling a 2mm wide D-Shape wedding ring at 2.7 grams for the same price as company B, however they do not specify the weight… you could be getting much less for your money compared to company A. At Lloyds we use Medium weight rings however they are slightly heavier than standard to give a quality weighty feel. We can also make rings heavier or lighter according to your own specification.


Methods of manufacture:

Made by Hand: The longest used method of manufacturer for hundreds of years. The chosen precious metal is smelted into a long strip of the desired length according to ring size. The thin gold strip is passed through a rolling mill to give the required shape, the two ends are then melted together using the correct solder. Filing and polishing then give the ring its final form and shine. This method will appeal to people who prefer the age old method of which a single craftsman has taken time to make by hand. It does however have it drawbacks, they are generally more expensive and you can’t get the precision of some other forms of manufacture, plus there will forever be a join in the ring (unless your ring is crafted from a single block of gold) which may be prone to crack or separate if not done properly where as the methods listed below form a ring as a single piece.

Casting: A wax ring is made by carving out the desired shape from a single block of wax or my having the wax rendered by machine using computer designs, this is then used to create a mould. The metal is poured into the mould which is spun to remove air bubbles. Once the casting has been done, the stem is cut, this is the excess metal from the point in which the metal was poured. The stem and rough edges are filed down before the ring is polished. The benefits are that the ring has been created to the exact size required, there has never been any joining, cutting or resizing. There can be disadvantages however, the process in which the casting is done must be precise, they need to be casted to the correct temperatures in order to prevent pitting (small holes in the metal).

Milled (CNC): This is the newest method for making wedding bands and the most precise, a block of Gold or Platinum is placed in a CNC (computer numerical control) machine which is a large machine consisting or a series of milling tools which create the ring using pre-programed computer controls to carve the ring from a single piece of metal.

Conclusion: We use the CNC method for our wedding rings to give the most precise manufacture available. Most of our engagement and other settings on the other hand are precision cast as CNC machines can’t yet replicated the high level of detail required for such small items such as tiny claw settings.

Precision of settings:

We also offer diamonds set into our wedding rings, which is extremely popular today for obvious reasons. It is extremely important that settings are precise as to not come loose and fall out later down the line. Diamond setting is a skilled process and requires years of practice to get right, cheap settings can basically consist of blunt prongs which are bent over a stone. Settings should be prepared for the correct size and shape of diamond, our diamonds are, you guessed it, set with precision under the microscope to ensure each stone is set in the exact place, securely and positioned to maximise brilliance.

Precision settings

We can set diamonds to any design in any of our plain wedding ring styles, choose your shape i.e. d-shape, court, flat court etc and choose a diamond design, we can also make to your own specification.


We also offer engraving for our wedding rings.

Wedding Ring Engraving

Supporting UK business & craftsmanship:

Our wedding rings are made in the UK to exacting standards by some of the UK leading wedding ring manufacturers enabling quick supply at the highest quality.

I will leave you with our declaration shown next to each wedding ring shown on our website:

We work with some of the finest jewellery craftsmen to ensure your ring is of the highest quality, we feel our Wedding Rings rival any from the best know brands and at a fraction of the cost. Our wedding rings are cafefully cast with precision using the highest grade alloys to exacting standards; they are filed, polished and finished to the highest quality. We use heavier than standard gold content to ensure our rings have a substantial, quality feel. 100% of production is carried out here in the United Kingdom, all our Wedding Rings are stringently tested and stamped by one of the four UK Assay offices to ensure it’s finess. We want you to be assured; when you decide on a Lloyd’s Wedding Ring, you are getting the finest craftsmanship and materials at the best value with expert service and after sales care.

Visit our website for many of our wedding rings styles or email us for details at [email protected], or call us on 0800 002 9905.

Written by: Matthew Lloyd

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Get the Gatsby look

by Matthew Lloyd

As well as having a passion for Diamonds, Jewellery and all things beautiful we also LOVE movies, so, its no surprise that when you put all those aspects together we are all very excited! We are talking about the upcoming release of The Great Gatsby motion picture.


Diamond jewellery inspired by The Great Gatsby Motion Picture.

Diamond jewellery inspired by The Great Gatsby Motion Picture.


Having watched the trailer for the upcoming Baz Luhrmann film one of the most striking aspects is the wonderful grandeur of the 1920’s period centring around Leonardo DiCaprio’s main character Jay Gatsby. The trailer is spectacular featuring palatial estates, fine cars, beautiful clothing and of course, what stood out to us; the stunning diamond jewellery on show. There are a number of key scenes featuring beautiful diamond pieces with DiCaprio’s character himself mentioning fine jewels in the trailer. One piece that stood out to us in particular was the incredible engagement ring worn by Daisy Buchanan played by Carey Mulligan, this is a beautiful style which is still popular today. The elegant band is pavé/bead set in Platinum (we presume) with a diamond border around the incredible centre diamond, its difficult to estimate the weight of the centre diamond, it looks to be no less than 5.00ct and the cut shape seems to be a step cut with cut corners, possibly Emerald. The engagement ring is complemented by a matching diamond wedding band. We would estimate a price tag of around £200,000 to re-create a similar ring. Maybe it’s just me but it seems to have a slight blue hugh (unless my monitor is playing tricks on me) but again this is difficult to say untill we get a better look upon release, a fancy light blue stone of this size would be incredibly valuable.




Don’t despair on the price, although out of the budget of us mere mortals we have put together a stunning collection of similar rings to get the Gatsby look.


This stunning diamond engagement ring is a great match for the one to feature on the silver screen, featuring a single claw set Emerald cut diamond set in to solid 18k white Gold, also featuring a round cut diamond surround with a beautiful half set diamond band. This beautiful ring features quality H colour SI1 clarity diamonds. We can also supply a matching eternity band to get the complete look. This ring currently retails at £4085.


If you would prefer a classic round brilliant cut centre diamond of a similar syle, you could go for this beautiful ring with a budget of just under £1700. This stunning diamond engagement ring features a single claw set round brilliant cut diamond surrounded by a halo of diamonds set into a white gold dual band. This beautiful ring features quality diamonds of at least H/SI1 grade.


This beautiful bridal set represents incredible value at just £819, set in 18k white gold featuring 0.50ct total of round brilliant cut diamonds with a 0.20ct centre stone. This is a very similar to the Gatsby style at a fraction of the cost whilst still being crafted to the highest standards. Visit our engagement ring collection at Lloyds Family Jewellery for more styles and feel free to contact us for any advice.

More on the Great Gatsby: based on a novel by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, widely regarded as a “Great American Novel” and a literary classic. The story takes place in the roaring 20’s, a time of prosperity after WW1. The book received critical acclaim and is generally considered Fitzgerald’s best work, it is alos said to capture the essence of an era.

The main events of the novel take place in the summer of 1922, narrated by Nick Carraway (played by Tobey Maguire), a Yale graduate and World War I veteran from the Midwest who takes a job in New York as a bond salesman. He rents a small house on Long Island, in the fictional village of West Egg, next door to the lavish mansion of Jay Gatsby (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), a mysterious millionaire who holds extravagant parties and seems to live an incredible life, but is he all that he seems?..


We also want to give credit to Tiffany & Co. The official fine jeweller for the movie. Prices mentioned were current on date of issue, April 2013. Prices for items shown in the movie are completely speculated.

Written by: Matthew Lloyd

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Diamond Tennis Bracelets The Ultimate Luxury

by Matthew Lloyd

We love tennis bracelets at Lloyds for so many reasons; they are available in a huge range of styles and budgets and you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. Whether your buying for yourself or for a loved one, one things for sure, it will be one of the most special and most worn items you could wish for. Like other jewellery items such as diamond studs, the tennis bracelet falls in the category of being great to wear for many occasions. You could be out for lunch or at a grand ball safe in the knowledge that your diamond bracelet wont look out of place. Proof of this fact comes from the origin of the name ‘Diamond Tennis Bracelet’…

Previously this bracelet was simply know as the line bracelet or the in-line diamond bracelet which features a symmetrical pattern of diamonds. The story goes that in 1987 Chris Evert, (the former World number 1 woman tennis player, winner of 18 Grand Slam singles titles) was playing in the U.S. Open. She was wearing an elegant line diamond bracelet, during play the bracelet accidentally broke and came off her wrist, the match was interrupted to allow Chris to recover her treasured diamond bracelet. And so the name ‘tennis bracelet’ came about, the incident sparked a huge jewellery trend and today Tennis Bracelets are continued to be worn by various tennis stars like Serena Williams and Gabriela Sabatini.


Any bracelet featuring a continuous line of diamonds is know as a Tennis Bracelet however some of the most common style are the claw set, featuring of course small claws which hold each diamond in place, generally four claws is enough and gives a good view of the diamond. Another very popular style is the rub-over or bezel setting, these two are very similar and the names are often interchanged however the two can vary. We like to think that the bezel set consists of a thin bezel of gold around the circumference of each diamond holding it securely into the setting. The rub-over, sometimes referred to as a Donut setting, has a thicker border than a bezel setting and  is so called because it looks as though the gold rim as been slightly rubbed over the diamond, holding it in place.


At Lloyds Family Jewellery we have a great selection of Diamond Tennis Bracelets to suite most budgets, we have a fantastic range of light weight tennis bracelets which feature smaller diamonds while having a wider a 3mm surround, available in 0.25ct, 0.50ct and 1.00ct diamond weights these bracelets offer fantastic value. We also have bracelets featuring 2, 3, 4 or even 10.00ct of diamonds if your looking for something extra special. Whatever bracelet you’re looking for have a look at our range for a great mix of quality and value and as always expert service and care as standard.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets The Ultimate Luxury

Written by: Matthew Lloyd

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