Have a Rosey New Year, Beautiful Rose Gold at Lloyds

Rose Gold continued to rise in Popularity over last year and we think you will continue to see more of it during the new year, while you’re here you can also check out our Precious Metal Guide for info on other popular precious metals.


Here we have put together some info to give you an idea of the properties of Rose Gold and how it get’s it’s rich colour so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Rose Gold is simply an alloy of traditional yellow Gold. When Gold is alloyed with copper it gives a red hue, depending on the copper content, the depth of colour can be changed; the higher the copper content, the deeper the red colour, which is why it is often referred to as red or rose for dark to mid hues, or pink gold for lighter red tones. Rose Gold has all the same properties as yellow gold and is ideal for all types of jewellery and watches, you may want to read our info on Traditional Gold at the bottom of this post for a more in depth look in to the properties of Rose Gold.


This beautiful Gold alloy is currently very popular and fashionable, it is also popular to wear rose gold along side white and/or yellow gold to make stylish designs. 18k Rose gold generally consists of 75% Gold to 25% Copper, a small amount of silver may also be added. Rose Gold was first made popular at the beginning of the 19th century in Russia which is why it was once referred to as Russian Gold. Since then, Rose Gold has continued to grow in popularity and has became a fashionable alternative to white and yellow Gold.



Traditional yellow Gold…

Gold is surely the most famous precious metal, used in jewellery and coin making for thousands of years and even before recorded history. Pure gold is the most malleable of any metals which makes it great for jewellery making, that and because is has a beautiful deep lustre and shine. Pure Gold has such high malleability that it is not always practical to be used on it’s own for jewellery making, therefor it is rarely used without being alloyed with other harder metals. The term karat refers to the purity of Gold i.e. how many parts Gold to alloy, 24k is classed as pure Gold. The most popular variations in the UK are 18k and 9k. Gold is usually alloyed with other metals such as Copper, Silver and Palladium to alter the hardness, colour and other properties such as value. The lower the karat, the less valuable the metal depending on weight.

Like Platinum, it is also resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Hundreds of tons of earth must be processed for a tiny fraction of Gold. Strangely, all the gold ever mined is said to have came to earth from asteroids after it’s formation. Naturally occurring gold is close to the earth’s core as it sinks due to its density, this gold is far out of reach. Most people know Gold is expensive, but when you know just how rare and precious Gold is, you will have a whole new appreciation for your jewellery.


Written by: Matthew Lloyd

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