High Quality, Low Cost, Quality Crystal Jewellery

We always thought it would be great so have high quality jewellery that didn’t cost the earth. Somewhere in the middle between cheap jewellery with glued in stones which last a month if you’re lucky and the high quality diamond jewellery with claw settings which are built to last. Even the claw set crystal jewellery found in most department stores will tarnish quickly and even cause irritation in some people.

We finally think we have found the answer with a new range from Perfection ltd. This stunning range features genuine Swarovski crystals set in solid Rhodium plated Silver.

Princess Cut Earrings with Surround, Genuine Swarovski Crystal

Each genuine Swarovski Crystal is laser inscribed with the Swarovski logo to ensure it’s unique quality and origin. This beautiful range is made to the same high standards as all of our natural diamond and gold jewellery, each stone is expertly claw set and the solid silver is Rhodium plated to give a long lasting bright finish which is also hypoallergenic.

Swarovsi branded crystals

Rhodium is generally used for plating white Gold Diamond jewellery to give it a bright finish, it is an extremely expensive metal, more so than Platinum so it is rarely used as the base metal. Rhodium is naturally bright white and does not lose it’s colour, it does not react which means it does not cause skin irritation, it is also hard wearing and ensures your jewellery keeps its finish for years to come.

Pear Cut Bezel Earrings, 1.50ct Diamond Look, Genuine Swarovski Branded Crystal

There are currently 192 pieces in the range consisting of classic styles of Pendant and Earrings with more pieces to come including bracelets. This fantastic range is currently being added to our new eBay store at great prices…

Find it here: Lloyds Family Jewellery eBay Store


Written by: Matthew Lloyd

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