Guaranteed pricing... 

The price on the product page is guaranteed until the date shown to protect against unexpected price increases, also should the price decrease up to 30 days after purchasing you are eligible for a refund of the difference! We receive weekly price updates from all manufacturers, once we are confident prices are stable, we will move the guaranteed date forwards.

Unfortunately, price decreases are becoming rarer these days. Due to current inflation and the volatile nature of precious metal and gem markets, prices are on the rise. We can only secure prices for a limited time. We always do our best to keep prices from increasing but this can be unavoidable at times, so we give our customers a target of when to place their order to avoid disappointment. 

We also can't escape the effects of the global covid-19 pandemic which is still causing issues in restricting materials and causing labour backlogs. We try to lock in prices for up to 7 days at a time to ensure we don't disappoint with unexpected and erratic price fluctuations.