Lloyds Family Jewellery Ring Size Guide

Find your ring size


How to Find Your Ring Size

The most accurate method to find your current ring size is to visit a local jewellers, they have professional sizing equipment to either measure a ring from the current finger, or use rings you can try in all sizes to find the one perfect for you.

We understand that finding the correct ring size can be difficult, especially if the ring is a surprise gift, there is no definate way of finding the exact ring size without either the wearer participating or having an existing ring which fits the same finger. There are some methods to try however please note these can be innacurate, see below for some tips and advice.

Download a Ring Size Finder

If you already have a ring that fits (the correct finger on the correct hand) but are unsure of what size it is you can download and print our ring size finder. This will help you find the ring size by placing the ring over the correct sized circle, full instructions of how to use it are detailed on the form. Ring sizes are very precise with only a small margin between sizes. so you must line these up exactly.


How Rings are Measured

We measure our ring sizes in the standard UK sizing system: Wheatsheaf. Each ring size corresponds to a circumference measurement and given a letter to keep it simple and easier to remember, our rings typically range from J to Q as standard, with larger sizes available in plain wedding bands and gents rings. Extra large ring sizes are named as Z+ (for example Z+1, Z+2 etc.).

How Your Ring Should Fit

Put simply your ring should fit your finger comfortably; snug enough so that it will not fall off or spin on the finger, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle without getting stuck. You may need to try some rings on or use a measuring set at your local jeweller which is basically a bundle of rings made to exact ring sizes.

Your Ring Size Can Change

Depending on your body temperature and time of day your ring size can change in a short space of time. For best results measure your fingers at the end of the day and when your fingers are at a normal temperature, fingers are smaller early on a morning and when cold and can be larger when warm.

Measure finger size numerous times and on different days to eliminate an incorrect reading. Take the average as the correct size.

Popular Ring Sizes

Women's ring sizes typically range from size I to Q. The most commonly purchased women's ring sizes at Lloyd's range from K to N. Size M is the most popular ring size.

Surprise Ring Sizes

Ask close friends or relatives if they know his or her ring size to get an idea, although this is not a reliable method. You could even try to bring ring size up in conversation at some point with the recipient but be careful not to spoil any surprises, try to plan ahead. Borrow his/her ring and use the ring sizer above to find the size of it, or if you have time, take it to a jewellers to check it, this is more accurate with less room for error.

Make sure the ring you're measuring is worn on the same hand and finger, if the ring is worn on the opposite hand this can cause problems. The dominant hand is usually 1-2 sizes bigger than the none dominant hand. So if they are right handed and you measure a ring from their right ring finger, but the new ring will be intended for the left hand ring finger then you should go for a slightly smaller size.

The most risky method: You could try using a piece of string, wrapping it around the finger while they are sleeping (careful not to wake them!) mark off the legth of string with a pen, measure the length in millimetres and convert that to UK size by using a European to UK ring size conversion chart, these can easily be found online. This method is also risky as it can be inaccurate, but if you have no other choice it's better than a complete guess. If the string is loose around the finger then you would need to reduce by a few sizes to make sure the ring isn't too loose.


If you have ordered the wrong size ring you may be eligible for an exchange, or we can offer a resize if possible* for an additional fee which is £25 on average (including postage) this fee may vary depending on the type of ring and sizing required. If we already stock the new ring size we will offer to exchange the ring for you.

*Be careful; certain rings such as eternity rings and channel settings can not be re-sized. Some rings are adversely affected by re-sizing so each ring is looked at on a case by case basis to determine if resizing to your required size is possible, the reason being is that diamond settings can be affected when making a ring larger or smaller.
If you are ordering an eternity ring, channel set ring or a tension set engagement ring for example it is important to know the correct size.