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Welcome to our collection of classic gold wedding rings, made to the highest standards from solid precious metal, manufactured and hallmarked in the United Kingdom. We've got a great range available to buy online in a wide range of options; choose your width, style, weight, and ring size to find the perfect one for you. Gold bands have many benefits, the colour is pure and requires no plating so it will keep its colour forever. It's tough enough to last a lifetime but soft enough to polish easily, even at home, making it simple to keep your wedding ring looking its best. They're versatile too coming in both 9k or 18k meaning you can find a ring to fit your budget. Gold is not only timeless and never goes out of style, but has important features for jewellery to be worn everyday such as being hypoallergenic. We only use low reactive metals in the alloy meaning your wedding band can be worn comfortably without reacting with sweat or general cleaning chemicals, we don’t use any nickel to ensure we minimize allergic reactions as much as possible. Gold also has the potential to increase in value over time, making it a good investment for the future and to pass onto your children. All our wedding bands are unisex so you can choose any style and width to suite you. If you can't find the perfect gold ring please let us know, we will strive to find the perfect ring for you at the best value.