All About Pave Diamond Rings - Information Guide

All About Pave Diamond Rings - Information Guide

What Exactly Are Diamond Pave Rings?

Well it’s all to do with the setting style, these are rings that feature small diamonds set closely together. The diamonds are set with tiny beads or prongs of precious metal which hold them in place and gives the ring a smooth, even surface. The effect is a ring that’s sparkling and glowing with diamonds. Pave settings are using wedding and eternity rings or even for the band of an engagement ring. Many of our dress rings feature this settings style. You’ll also see it referred to by it’s more accurate name pavé which is actually French, meaning paved. Think of a road paved in stones, it’s the same principle here.


It’s not only used in rings but all types of other jewellery too including pendants, earrings and necklaces, or even a luxurious bracelet set with hundreds of tiny diamonds. Diamonds can be pave set in a variety of different metals, including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum, and can be found in a range of styles and designs. People love the style because even though it’s pretty and dazzling, it can actually reduce the price of compared to those featuring larger diamond. It allows you to have a larger total carat weight of diamonds for a lower price than a ring with fewer larger diamond.


Pave Jewellery Through History & Pop Culture

The technique was first used in the late 19th century by French jewellers, and quickly became popular in the early 20th century for use in high-end jewellery. In popular culture, pave diamond settings have often been associated with luxury, wealth, and glamour. They have been featured in many films and television shows as symbols of high society and opulence. Pave diamond settings have also been popular in the world of celebrity jewellery, with many stars and socialites sporting them on red carpets and in high-profile events. In recent years, pave diamond settings have become more accessible to a wider range of consumers, due to advancements in diamond cutting and setting techniques. This has led to a wider range of price points making it more affordable for many people to own and enjoy.


Caring for Your Pave Diamond Rings

Diamond pave rings require some care to ensure that the diamonds and the setting remain in good condition. Handle the ring with care; the settings can be delicate as the claws and stones are very small, an unfortunate hard knock could damage some settings resulting in loose stones which would need a jeweller to repair. Avoid wearing the ring while doing activities that could cause damage such as sports and gym workouts. Avoid harsh chemicals such as bleach cleaners, although diamonds and precious metals have a low reaction to corrosion it’s best to be safe. Sand can also scratch metals and get stuck in your diamond settings and even scratch diamonds, so take care when visiting the beach or using sand with your children for example. Have the ring checked annually by a professional jeweller to ensure the diamonds are still securely set.


Pave diamond rings should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and oils that can build up on the diamonds and settings. You’d be surprised how quickly dirt can build up, especially if applying hand lotions while wearing your rings. Simply soaking in hot soapy water and gently dabbing with a soft brush can bring back some shine. If you’re nervous of damaging anything or want the best results you can take it to a professional jeweller for cleaning. If you’ve had the ring a long time this can be a good opportunity to check the settings under magnification to ensure the stones are all still secure.


What is the cost of a diamond pave set ring?

Our pave rings generally feature 18k gold or platinum and feature quality G colour SI1 clarity diamonds. A half carat eternity ring with three rows of diamonds would start at approximately £849, large versions of these rings with a wide band and lots of rows of diamonds could go up to £3500+. We usually label a ring pavé if it has a large area of diamonds with three or more rows, however a single row of diamonds with small stones and settings may also be referred to as pave and these can be found cheaper. Have a look at our eternity rings category for rings starting between £200-£300 in 9k gold. We use the best combination of materials to offer the best compromise between value and quality, we use fine craftsmen to make sure the manufacture is high quality and use diamonds which are bright and sparkling but not too high which would increase the price without making a noticeable difference. Our rings are made in London with care to ensure the settings are accurate and the materials are made to high standards.


When shopping around for diamond pave rings the cost can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the diamond weight, number of diamonds, quality of diamonds, are the diamonds natural or have any enhancements, material of the ring mount, is the metal of high quality/what alloys were used, quality of manufacture and even country of manufacture and if the metal has been properly tested and authenticated. For example, one ring could have diamonds with enhancements, and the other has fully natural diamonds. One ring may be made in England, the other in China. So as you can imagine, picking two similar pave rings and comparing some similar factors isn’t always enough to determine which is best just based on price, and it also means knowing how much to pay for a pave set ring is far from clear.  That’s why we try to be as transparent as possible and make it easy for our customers. We choose the best of all areas to get you a beautiful and quality ring at a fair price without paying over the odds, or paying too little and regretting it later. So what do all these differences mean and why should you care? we’ll expand on these factors below…


Diamond Weight

The diamond weight refers to the total weight of the diamonds in the ring, which is typically measured in carats (ct.). The more diamonds a ring has, or the larger the diamonds are, the higher the diamond weight will be. A ring with a higher diamond weight will generally be more expensive than a ring with a lower diamond weight. Unless one ring has larger diamonds equalling the same weight; If the grade is the same 5 diamonds weighing a total of 1.00ct are worth more than 100 diamonds weighting a total of 1.00ct. That’s why pave rings seem to offer good value, a half carat pave ring will be much cheaper that a half carat 5 stone ring.


Quality of Diamonds

The quality of the diamonds in a pave ring can also have a big impact on its cost. Diamonds are graded according to the "four Cs" - cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. A ring with diamonds that are high quality in all four of these categories will generally be more expensive than a ring with diamonds that are lower quality. We use G colour diamonds because any higher is very difficult to see and so you’d be paying more without seeing the results other than on paper. It’s a similar situation with diamond clarity; we use SI1 in our 18k rings, this means the diamonds are clear enough to offer lots of sparkle and are clean to the naked eye. Higher grades can cost more unnecessarily and lower grades can affect the amount of light and sparkle you get out of the diamonds.


Material of the Ring Mount

The material used for the ring mount can also affect the cost of a diamond pave ring. Ours are made of gold or platinum, 18k gold will be much more expensive than 9k as it has three times the pure gold content. This makes the ring heavier, purer and more valuable. We’re also a fan of 9k gold too though, it has the same look and many of the same properties but at a fraction of the cost. The important thing is to find a ring with materials made to high standards. Our metals are made in the UK, tested and stamped at one of the four UK assay offices to ensure fineness. Take care when shopping for your jewellery, some items listed at other retailers may advertise white gold in the product title but actually list silver, ’white gold look’ or ‘white gold plated’ in the actual specifications. If something looks too cheap there is usually always a reason. Our metal types are clearly advertised and we only use genuine and solid precious metals.


Country of Manufacture

Labour costs make a big difference and two seemingly identical rings could have a vastly different prices. This affects pave set rings especially as the cost of setting all those tiny stones could be £5 each versus 5 pence each. British manufacturers set diamonds at much lower volumes meaning they can put more care and time into each one. The UK have high standards in precious metal alloy production to ensure the metal has minimal imperfections and porosity. England is also the only country in the world where precious metal must be tested and stamped by law, this is known as the hallmark. Our pave rings are expertly crafted in London and all jewellery from Lloyds is tested and stamped in the UK. We want you to be assured that when you purchase from us you’re getting the best combination of quality manufacture and the best value for money.


Diamond Type

We only use natural earth mined diamonds with no enhancements. However, many diamonds on the market are quality enhanced (which may only be listed in the small print), this means low quality diamonds are used but the quality is enhanced artificially which removes many imperfections. This means you’re paying over the odds for none gem quality diamonds, the low quality materials are very cheap to buy for the manufacturer and even with high profit margins added can still be cheaper that fully natural diamonds. We also notice rings on sale which are listed as diamond in the title, but in the small print are actually listed as diamond simulant (we see this a lot with coloured gemstones too). This could be anything from glass to crystal, but they are worth pennies. There is also lab grown diamonds which are more abundant now than ever.  Call us old fashioned, but we love our natural diamonds and we feel they are worth the money for their unique qualities. There is a common belief that natural diamonds are more romantic because they are formed naturally over millions of years and are more rare and unique. 


Lloyds Family Jewellery have a beautiful collection of diamond pave rings in gold, white gold and platinum. We provide the most competitive pricing on fine diamond rings with expert service and after sales care. We’ve been sourcing pave set rings since 1969 and use the best British manufacturers to ensure the best value quality jewellery.

We hope this article cleared up some of the confusion as to why rings and jewellery in general differ so much and why there is such a huge range of prices. Take a look at our range and if there’s something in particular you’re looking for please get in touch, we may be able to source it for you at a great price.

Top 5 Diamond Pave Set Rings

1. Diamond Pave Set Half Eternity Ring 0.40ct, 18k White Gold

Our best selling pave ring which features high quality materials without breaking the bank, featuring solid gold and quality diamonds. This stunning half eternity ring features 79 pave set round brilliant cut diamonds. This beautiful high quality piece is crafted from solid 18k White Gold using quality G colour SI1 clarity diamonds. 

2. Diamond Half Eternity Plait Ring 0.50ct, 18k Rose Gold

This stunning diamond half eternity ring features a beautifully designed plaited band, set with round brilliant cut diamonds in solid 18k rose gold. This quality ring features high grade diamonds of G colour SI1 clarity.

3. Diamond Pave Cross-Over Ring 0.30ct, 18k White Gold

One our most popular dress rings this stunning piece features a twin pave diamond set bands crossing over each other in a flat edge court ring style, set in solid 18k white gold. This beautiful ring features quality diamonds of G colour SI clarity. The chunky style makes a big impact; this gorgeous ring is worth it's weight in gold.

4. Diamond Pave Set Half Eternity Ring 2.45ct, 18k White Gold

Make a statement with this extra wide 12mm solid gold pave ring with 131 diamonds. This stunning half eternity dress ring features 2.45ct of round brilliant cut all natural diamonds. This high quality piece is crafted from solid 18k white gold using G colour Si1 clarity diamonds. This is the quintessential pave ring, looking like a glittering paved road curving over the edges to give an endless sparkle.

5. Diamond Pave Butterfly Ring 0.90ct, 18k Gold

Stepping away from paved bands, this show piece features a full pave set butterfly to make a stunning dress ring in solid gold. Exclusive to Lloyds this stunning quality diamond ring features round brilliant cut diamonds set in a beautifully shaped setting in solid 18k gold. This ring features quality diamonds of G colour VS clarity.